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Actual Total Fish Counts and Hourly Migration Behavior since October 2023

7:16 PM · Dec 22, 2023

The actual fish counts based on accurate input from our Derby's live-streaming video are now updated for the period October 1st to December 15th, 2023. There were 7704 total fish that migrated upstream during this period. This count included summer steelhead, winter steelhead (wild and hatchery), fall chinook (adults and jacks), coho (adults and jacks), cutthroat trout, and largescale suckers. Coho counts were the highest with 4570 fish during October, 2381 fish in November, and 95 for the December 1-15 period. The total coho count is 7046 to date. Fall chinook actual fish counts were 108 in October, 8 in November, and none for December for a total count of 116 fall chinook for the 2023 return year. The 2024 winter steelhead count started on December 1st and continues to April 30th. A total of 99 wild steelhead and 1 Ad-clipped steelhead were counted through December 15th. The most "active" fish migration in October was the 13th with 42 fish and the peak hour was around midnight. In November, the most active day was the 6th with 1284 fish migration upstream in a 24-hour period. That day included a 15-minute segment when 67 fish were counted. The peak hour remained around 1:00 AM. The December total fish count through the 15th is 201. With the change of daily flows and temperatures, the most active time for fish migration is now in the late afternoon. Thank you for watching fish on our live-streaming FishCam. The Derby will continue to update actual fish counts and migration behavior for everyone to follow throughout the next year. Happy Holidays to all from the Umpqua Fishery Enhancement Derby.


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