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Spring Chinook Count Update

A total of 2,359 Spring Chinook have been counted through May 15th. If you appreciate the Umpqua Live Fish Cam, the fish counting efforts as well as other Umpqua Fishery Enhancement Derby projects, you can support the derby and its efforts here: https://www.umpquafish.com/donate

Over 10,000 Steelhead and 1,000 Chinook Salmon Counted Passing Over the Winchester Dam

The Winter Steelhead count at the Winchester Dam on the North Umpqua River is over 10,000 and early summer steelhead are already here. Spring Chinook are migrating upstream in good numbers counted to date. And yes, hundreds of largescale suckers are also tallied during their in-river migration this time of the year.

"Spring" "Time" "March" Predictions

Time marches forward into spring of 2024. It is time for the annual UmpquaFish.com predictions for springtime viewing of our LiveCam. The next few weeks is usually when over 25% of the winter steelhead population will continue their forward migration to their spawning homewaters destination in the North Umpqua. Our first prediction is the count will reach over 6000 fish and could end up being the highest return in the past few years. Secondly, the first "spring chinook" will be seen in the viewing window in the next couple weeks. Be looking for this leader of many more of this species to follow when the water temperature nears the 50-degree mark. You could be eligible for a prize from the Derby when you send in a time-stamped photo from the live-streaming video. The third prediction is guaranteed to happen this weekend..the clock on the wall will return to "realtime" for about 6 months and we will thankfully receive fewer questions about if the fish see the time is off by an hour as s...

The steelhead migration is in a "cold water" delay until further notice and the temperature starts to increase a few degrees.